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take payments with Stripe.

The world is ever-increasing in new technological breakthroughs. Everywhere a person looks, there's a new tablet or computer or phone or app cropping up somewhere. With so many options for technology to invest in, it's difficult to know what pieces are worth the wait. Fortunately, some of the work can be taken out of this with well-researched apps and companies.

Stripe is a business website that's essential to any laptop solopreneur. It pioneers technology that moves companies into the twenty-first century, saving countless time and money. The site gives any small business owner the tools to manage different business payments quickly and easily.

Stripe dashboard

Stripe provides a series of features that enable anyone to make payments, create an online marketplace, and create mobile apps for their website. It uses APIs to handle your company's needs, with the ability to store cards and process subscriptions as well as the capacity to design and organize a marketplace. Because of this, Stripe is ideal for business owners of all kinds. For anybody looking to expand their online offerings in any way or save time and money, Stripe offers several features that are good for you.

Stripe allows a business owner to pay its users directly by depositing funds directly into their bank accounts. It also allows a person to add team members to their company workspace, save and export accounting data, and organize different aspects of business financing. The website is designed to bring businesses from pen and paper to the internet, saving business owners an endless headache and hassle.

Also, Stripe offers a mobile app called Striped. The mobile app,  created for Android-based phones and is capable of giving all of the Stripe features in a compact and easy-to-use mobile format. Mobile capabilities are essential for any business owner on the go. Whether you frequently travel or your day is simply packed too tightly for extensive internet time, the Striped mobile app allows you to keep track of your Stripe account from anywhere.

Stripe is a great alternative for collecting credit card payments for those not quite ready for a larger merchant service. It gives your clients and buyers an alternative to using PayPal or another source of payment processing.

What are you using to collect payments from your people?


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Dropbox: The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

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pros & cons of Dropbox.

Having a laptop lifestyle means that you need to have your files and information with you where ever you go. The beauty of Dropbox is you can and will have all the items you put into your box ready with the click of a mouse.pros & cons of Dropbox

For many business owners, we work from our homes, the local cafe, in our cars between meeting and if you're like me on the open road while “vacationing”. The challenge with this business lifestyle is keeping you sane and having access to everything you need on all of your devices.

Dropbox As A Solution

Dropbox provides a solution to this problem by allowing users to store all of their documents in one easy to access location.

A file-sharing application that allows users to upload documents to a cloud environment. The documents are then centrally stored on their servers making them easy to access from virtually anywhere including personal computers and smartphones.

Here are some key features of the application:

The primary benefit of Dropbox is that it makes files easily portable without the use of any external devices. This allows you to keep all of your important documents in one easy to find location. In addition to office and personal computers, Dropbox can be accessed using iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android devices.

The sync feature allows you to make sure you have all the up-to-date versions on any of your devices so that you can work offline at times when wifi isn't available or sporadic.

There is also the added benefit of transferring pictures and videos to an account for sharing. Users can email an invitation to specified users, inviting them to view the video or pictures.

The Dropbox cloud uses encryption security so that users can rest assured their files are safe and secure. Data transferred using the service are protected by SSL encryption while stored files are guarded by AES-256 protection. The application allows only authorized individuals to view designated files. Users can specify which files are for public viewing and which are to remain private.

Customer Support
One minor drawback of using this application is that customer support can only be contacted via email. With a click of the “Help” or “contact us” buttons, you can submit an email request for help or ask a question. Not to fear, most general questions can likely be answered by their “frequently asked questions” section.


Overall, Dropbox provides a fast, efficient way to store and share files from nearly any location. Main benefits include:

  • Reliability: Your files are is constantly available on stationary computers or mobile devices.
  • Ease of use: The file-sharing and group file-sharing features are by far easier to use than any other file sharing application to date.
  • Digital Downloads: You can use your account for your giveaway items so that you always have the latest version without having to change or upload files to your server.
  • Synchronization: Dropbox allows you to effortlessly synchronize your files once they have been uploaded to your account.
  • History: The unique “History” feature allows users to access previous versions of their files.

Cons of using the application include:

  • File Location: At times, the lack of specific tabs can make it difficult to locate older versions of files or deleted copies.
  • The service is free for the first 2GB of storage, and you can earn extra space by encouraging others to sign up. After that, you need to purchase space starting at $10 a month.
  • Collaboration: You can add notes and such to a document but you cannot edit in real time.

In conclusion, Dropbox is by far one of the best file sharing apps to date. Though it doesn't solve every problem of the mobile worker it does make life a little easier.

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