Do This One Thing Before You Create Your WordPress Website

How many of you have started to create your website with one person in mind? No, not you, but your ideal client. Your website needs to do one thing, reach the person who needs your solutions.

When I first stated my business I was too afraid to narrow down my perfect clients and so I operated as a generalist. But in doing in that I took on some crap clients and projects that I absolutely hated.

It wasn't because the people who were coming to my website and connecting with me were terrible people. It was because they were the types of clients I didn't want to work with.

So how do we change that and narrow down our focus so your website can do the job it needs to – attract the right clients and projects?

Use This Client Formula To Create Your Website

Who – Who is your ideal client?

If you don't define who it is your talking to, you'll be talking to everyone. And here's the secret – everyone doesn't listen.

When trying to define our ideal client many times we get stuck on the details like age, income, where they vacation and so on. Instead try to think about the stage of business they are in or what transformation they need to make to get the ball rolling.

Your ideal client might be a DIYer or side hustler who wants to quit their 9 to 5 and go full time with their business idea. Or maybe they are a supporter and want to become a consultant or teacher.

Their details of their story today may not serve the purpose of tomorrow.

finding your ideal client is step one.

Solutions – What is the main problem you are trying to solve?

In order to tell people the solution(s) you provide you need to address the problem head on. What exactly is the goal your ideal client is trying to get to and more importantly what is stopping them?

Imagine your in a room of potential clients in an industry that you want to focus on. Let's say you at BlogHer Conference because you support women who are health coaches that blog as part of their marketing strategy. And you offer WordPress support like scheduling posts, writing social updates and tweetable, creating images and such.

Do you know what the main problem of your ideal client is? There could be a whole room of them right in front of you?

Instead of addressing what you do, talk to your ideal client about how you can make their life better with the solutions you provide. Hit them where it counts, the WIIFM factor. Don't just say I provide WordPress support (we're a dime a dozen supporters).

Instead tell them that you take care of making sure there articles are optimized for SEO by adding the correct images, picking the perfect social share updates and getting them scheduled so they go out consistently.

Turn that into awesome copy on your website and you are now telling people you've got their back when it comes to optimization, promotion and updates on their site. Sounds sexier right?

Add In Your It Factor

Credibility – What is your trust factor?

To continue to build confidence about hiring you as the right solution, you need to have some credibility indicators.

A lot of times we think that's a testimonials page is the answer. Jam a bunch of text on a page from people who love us enough to write something nice. Who ever put a bas testimony on their site?

Testimonials are great to have but people don't view them the same way as they used to. Don't get me wrong, having people give you kudos is awesome but we only display the best of the best projects. That's why it's important to mix it up.

Adding proof of your abilities can include interviews, anywhere your work is featured, appearances you've made, relevant certifications and so much more.

Use embed social accolades so people can see what they've shown to their audiences. Or case studies with real results carry a lot of weight because people get to see the journey.

Uniqueness – What makes you so different?

For every business out there, there are many others that offer the same solutions. Google the term WordPress designers and you'll see at least 146,000,000 results.

That means that WordPress designers have competition from a lot of other designers. And you'll need to set yourself apart.

Sometimes it's a skill, other times its your business personality. Fortunately for me I have digital strategies coupled with design and development skills. But that isn't what makes me different.

My super power is I can explain things in plain English and it starts with the strategies. Plus I'm a little snarky and try to add humor into whatever I do.

For you it might be that you brew a certain kind of beer or are the ultimate coffee aficionado. Or maybe you can find every statistic on a particular subject. Or that you've been to every national park, twice.

be yourself, everyone else is taken.
Img Src: Unsplash @impatrickt

Speak To The Potential Client When You Create Your Website

Before you can begin to craft the perfect website and user experience you need to know who they are and more importantly what makes them seek the solution you provide.

It's about building relationships and being authentic so you need to do the work first.

Building a relationship whether online or off starts with knowing who it is that you want to spend your time with. Those who won't annoy the crap out of you or only want from you without nothing in return.

These qualities are what will provide the solid foundation for your website and overall strategies. Don't you agree?

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When you begin to create your website, you should be focusing on this one thing. You need to concentrate on the ideal client you are trying to attract. Find out the key pieces you should be concentrating on to make that happen.
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