finding the right words to describe who you are

3 Simple Ways To Find The Right Words To Describe You

Don’t you hate when someone asks you what you or your business does, and you completely draw a blank? Why it is that all the cool girls can spit out the right words that are fun and enticing? When it comes to you – crickets, nothing, nada. To find the right words to describe what you do isn’t easy for everyone.

Most people are uncomfortable talking about themselves let alone promoting what they do. Hands up here. I can when with friends but in a crowd of colleagues, nope.

I have always been confident and am knowledgeable in what I do but don’t ask me to tell the world. Find the right words?  They seemed to elude me like the plague. I was taught people don’t brag about themselves. Show not tell.

But that does not work when you are promoting a business. Especially when the business is a personal brand. Instead, we need to be persuasive.

To find the right words you need to start with what makes you unique. Or better yet, what makes your business so unique.

Knowing you want to be persuasive yet authentic, what’s a girl to do?

Ask friends

While working with a marketing mentor, she asked me what people thought of me. Thought of me. Not what I thought they would say but what they would say. I had to ask friends (and close colleagues) what three words describe me.

I was sure they would say funny, confident and caring. And some did. But many said other things I would never think describe me. I ended up with a list of about 20 words that I can use to inspire my marketing.

ask your friends to describe you

Ask your clients

To find the right words with clients is as simple as asking for a testimony. Ask your customers why they hired you. Why did they choose you over someone else? It might be because you took the time to help them make a decision or it could be because they found you relatable. Possibly it could be knowledge-based.

These decisions will help you to speak to your potential clients because you will now know what is attractive about your message and your business.

Listen to your audience

Social media has many plusses, and one biggie is you can quickly find out what people think of you. The first thing you need to look for s mentions. Are people referring to you as a go-to source? Are they saying things about you in their replies?

Then look at the lists you are on. In Twitter, you can easily find out by looking under Lists >> Member of. People give their lists related names, and you can find out what they think of you by the list part of. Some of mine are tech-web marketing, WordPress Power User, and Biz Friends.

Why are they useful, because they describe me in a way that may be relatable to you my biz friend?

Next time you are stuck for words to describe you and what you do turn to your friends, clients, and people in your circle. Instead of racking your brain to come up with the right words, let them do the work for you.

This will help you get your persuasive juices flowing and give you a different perspective of how your business is making an impression.

What words would people use to describe you? Not sure, start with your social accounts and see what types of mentions you are getting,

Still stuck, let’s chat about how you can change that.