the frustration of Twitter

Giving up Twitter for Lent….

Well, it is that time of year again to give willingly up something to make us stronger and a better person.  I was going to abandon Twitter, and all social media for that matter, to save myself some much needed personal time during the week.  But then reality quickly set in, and I came to my senses.  Why do you ask? Well, the answer is very simple.

I log into Twitter daily, often throughout the day, but you social addicts know how it goes.  I catch up with all my Tweeps (for non-Twitters, those are Twitter people) and find out what had happened while I was in my reality.  I have conversations with those I would not normally converse while in Twitterville (yes another Twitter term).  I have met many interesting and knowledgeable folks who have helped me to think about things in a different way.

After I have all my conversations (sorry don’t know a Twitter term for that) I find interesting blogs and resources that would normally take me hours to find from all the informed folks I am following.  Not having forever time, this is a great plus for those who think Twitter is only about 140 character useless conversations.

Then there are the question and answer sessions.  Need a response, just ask the question and you will get tons of answers, help and guidance to lead you on your way.  And better yet, if you can help others who are in search of answers to their questions then you are now known as an excellent resource or as some may say, an “industry expert”.

I started with Twitter because it is a great marketing tool for my business, but I continue with Twitter for an entirely different reason.  So if you want to save some valuable time in research, get great information and resources or just want to meet some wonderful people, then you need to try Twitter as well.  And don’t you worry all my Facebook friends; I am not giving that up either.