Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting.

Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting

It’s hard enough to build a thriving business on your own, BUT if you need to shave a few hours off of your blog creation and blog posting, then it’s time to expand your team.

The first move, most business owners make is in hiring a virtual assistant. But hiring one can be just as overwhelming as your to-do list.

Don’t believe me? Look in any of your Facebook groups, and you’ll see TONS OF questions about hiring a virtual assistant for your business.

The number one task, most business owners, hand off to their VA’s is blog post management. Specifically, the tasks of uploading, formatting, and promoting blog posts.

Add to the mix; there are many different types of virtual assistants. Some do social media; some do project management while others just offer technical support. But to some degree, most VAs are tasked with handling your most valuable marketing tool – your blog.

How do you level the VA skills field when it comes to maximizing each blog posting?

Simple, with my free, easy to use Blog Post Planner.

To make YOUR relationship WITH YOUR VA fruitful you need to have a STREAMLINED process in place so that your work gets done TO your standards.

This is the reason WHY I created my Blog Post Planner. I KEPT SEEING my clients, AND THEIR VAS KILL IT USING ONE. They were hitting one piece of the blog creation but TOTALLY BLOW IT IN ANOTHER.

Blog Post Planner

The free blog post planner is more than just a planner. In it; I walk you through the process of blog post creation.

When you download your blog post planner, you will see that it contains the following sections: research, basic blog posting SEO, promotion, and visuals.

Each section is designed to make sure you or VA put the best blog post possible.

So, to help you get the most out of your free blog post planner, I’ve put together my top tips, gleaned from my personal experience working with clients in my business.

I’ve tested these tips with real businesses and clients that we support in the WordPress Maintenance Packages.

Download the free blog post planner and then hand it off to your VA for blog post success.

Creating The Blog Post

As a refresher let’s review the three key components of blog posting.

The first step of creating any blog post is the outline. Sure there is the research, but you ALSO need to have the topic, keyword and general guidelines of what your article should or needs to contain.

With my clients, I found it was best to have another section that set the reader problem and the solution so that when they would write the article (or hand off to their blog writer), it was clear the purpose of the article.

And, NEXT, you need to break down the article to include headlines and sub-headlines. Many people do this for structure and readability of the article but it also provides GIVES YOU some SEO juice too.


As you can see several things go into crafting a great blog post.

With the INSIDE YOUR BLOG POST planner, YOUR VA can either use the Blog Article section to craft an SEO friendly outline. Or AS A PRO TIP: you could give THE BLOG ARTICLE section to your virtual assistant AHEAD OF TIME for the research phase of the writing process.

Formatting, Blog Posting and Scheduling Your Article

Everyone thinks once you’ve completed writing your blog post, your job is done.


You still need to format your words for SEO and readability. I’ve seen lots of clients write the articles, and then they sit because they don’t have time to get them formatted and scheduled.

Most VAs don’t understand how to do this properly. So, to help your VA format like a pro, I added the next section of the planner to hit on HOW TO format the post and add basic SEO to YOUR BLOG post.

Blog posting SEO is the section that we complete for several of our clients because of the optimization factor in the post. Then the client knows that thought is being put into the SEO part of the article.

We also use the article and optimization sections as our guide to the posting and scheduling process of our procedures. Handy for passing this task to our virtual assistant. She’ll know what headlines to use in the article and what to add to the SEO Yoast section of the post.

It’s like a step by step blueprint that allows you to tweak your process to your particular style without having to rethink the process every time.

Promotion of Your Blog Post

What good is a blog post without some promotion?

First, you need to make sure you have images for the different image sizes. Sure some standard sizes work with some of the networks, but I prefer to have the optimal size per network.

With one click you’ll have the sizes you need to create the proper image size for your promotion.

Next, you need to use some diversity in the words you use to promote your post. You don’t want to be only sharing the title and URL. We like to use CoSchedules recommendation for optimal posting by varying with a snippet, question, controversy, benefit, and so on.

And don’t forget your tweetable and hashtags that extend the social sharing of the post on individual networks.

The post promotion section, designed so that we could give the article to our social virtual assistant and she fills in the sections for a balanced promotion plan. Having options and variation provides different eyes to your post promotion since one statement may resonate with one of your potential clients and not the other.

Not sure where to start with planning your articles, blog or resources page? Download the Blog Post Planner to get started in creating a shareable process with your virtual assistant.