Living The Dream, My Way

I’ve always been an independent spirit, up for any adventure. Just ask Mom about my high-energy childhood and how hard it was to keep on the same page!

Every new experience felt monumental to me, no matter how small.

My lifetime dream has been to travel and explore new places whenever I could. I’m living that dream, working remotely with little ties to one place. Location independence FTW!

serene view of rocks, crane and beautiful sunrise in Madeira Beach FL.

But with the freedom come some challenges, and I take setbacks in stride. When someone doubts me, it just fires me up even more.

Failures become lessons.
I don’t follow the crowd.
I travel my own path.

It can be tough when people don’t get what motivates you. Even close friends might unconsciously sabotage you out of their own fear of change and the unknown. They prefer being a big fish in a small pond, which is fine for them – but that’s too limiting for me.

I know it isn’t easy, but seeing their perspective helps.

Pursuing our dreams doesn’t mean we can’t also encourage each other. There are always opportunities to inspire and lift each other up.

Getting through the tough times required me to grow a thick skin and lean on my confidence, regardless of the naysayers. I’d rather shine a light on what’s going right – focusing on the positives, and my glass is 3/4 full!

We all look back and think – if only I could tell my younger self! But every bump has led me here. I’d tell young me, don’t worry what others think you can do. The only limits are the ones you set yourself, so don’t be afraid!

The road less traveled can be lonely. Sometimes, you’ve gotta let relationships go and find your people – the ones who “get you.” The friends and colleagues who laugh when you accomplish the crazy, cheer when you hit milestones, and pick you up when you fall.

looking our the living room entrance onto the porch oceanfront in the Gulf of Mexico.

These days, I’m living my dream on my terms – traveling when I can and seizing every opportunity, building a biz that supports my sometimes nomadic lifestyle.

Not everyone will understand your priorities. But tune out the noise and stay true to what makes YOUR heart sing.

Friends come and go, many becoming acquaintances. But those who fan your flame are keepers.

My advice? Blaze your own darn trail. Surround yourself with your cheer squad. Keep inspiring others to live boldly and passionately.

For me, that means continuing my adventures and evolving. Most of all, it’s about being fiercely myself.

Don’t let people convince you something can’t be done – start taking action to build the work and life that match your passion.