Website Marketing ABCs to make your website stand out

Website Marketing – The ABC’s to Making Your Site Stand Out

While doing lots of website reviews, I see people are so worried about getting their business message out that they often few forget the few essential cornerstones of website marketing, which is to catch the attention of prospects.

It’s summertime here in the Burgh and with that comes tons of outdoor vendor events. For those who’ve never been, it’s a gathering of makers and such selling their wares. Because these events are free, and we as a whole are always looking for something cool to settle a problem, the crowds are usually pretty good.

My favorite part, besides the yummy food vendors, is to watch the crowd and see where the popular booths are. That usually means that there’s either some good deal or something cool that you wouldn’t have noticed before. Many times it could be the same items that others have, but this particular vendor is doing something to get the lookie-loos to stop and take notice. Foot traffic is a lot like web traffic. Tons will walk by unless you give them what they need to stop and browse!

Website Marketing – Making Your Site Stand Out

Here is a quick A-B-C guide to help your “booth” be the popular one. Enter, website marketing:

ABOUT your customer

Many sites talk AT their people instead of talking TO them. We tend to focus on the benefits of our product or service instead of the needs and solutions to the problems people may be having. Every page on your website needs to be about your customers! The key to successful marketing when it comes to your website is getting your prospect to realize that you are the end-all to the bug up their butt.

We also need to draw them into the conversation. You still have to show your visitors what you can do, what you can provide and what pain-point you’re solving, but don’t forget to take it to the next step. Ask yourself, are you having a conversation with them? Drawing them in with words they use and hitting on emotions that they feel is going to start making them feel connected. You need to make sure you are answering their internal question of “what’s in it for me?”

Making the copy about your customer is a surefire way to get them onboard. Never forget how important it is to build the relationship with the visitor, rather than always trying to sell them a service! Answering questions they may be coming to your website with and making them feel that they are finding the information they are looking for will always benefit you both!

BE the authority

How many times have you heard people buy from who they know, like and trust? Some continue to jump right into the “marry me” phase during the marketing of our websites.

There are a few ways to achieve this simple step. You can tell your story with a “been there done that” twist that will allow the prospect to relate to your trials and tribulations. I remember at one event I went to on an unusually hot day, and there must have been a hundred snack vendors. I was a little worried about the “safety” of samples since it was so stinking hot.

There was one vendor who had snacks in all these different chilling contains to keep them fresh. Right then I knew Cathie the vendor knew her stuff. And that was drawing the attention of a lot of people who knew the same thing! Here’s the best part: Each different cooling container had “a story” of how it came to be and why. Some were as simple as “I saw it on Pinterest from a favorite chef” and others included tales of how her family had been doing this from way back in the day for picnics on the farm.

By the time she was done explaining where the idea had come from and why it worked so well, you were hooked. Not only that, but you were instantly connected and invested with her. And guess what, she sold a ton of stuff that day! I know because I asked.

And speaking of the ask,

CALL to action

Every page needs at least one, sometimes more than one so that the visitor doesn’t have to think about what to do next. Back to my snack-selling vendor friend. At the end of every story she threw in “did you know you can turn that into a hot dip too?” or  “would you like a few recipes for those?” and “I’m selling 5 for the price of 4, let’s add two more to your order.”

Your call to action doesn’t need always to be a buy now or shop here. It can be other useful ways to use the information. So let’s say we’re talking about automation on your website, and I mention adding a scheduling program like Acuity. Because of that, I would say that in addition to keeping your scheduling easy, it also gives you the start of a customer touch program because each appointment now has a customer record! The call to action would be to check it out. Easy!

I do this to be helpful and to give the visitor the power of making an informed decision. So I’ve hit on the authority and the call to action in one swoop >> “easy downloads, go check them out” which gives your users the next step in the decision. It’s as easy as a click of a button!

You don’t need the “Buy Now” and “Contact Me” as every option. Add in things like “See The Next Article” or “Get My Free Kick-Ass Thingy.” How about “Got Questions, Ask Me Here?” You are looking to market your business through using different ways that your prospect or visitor to get to know you and to establish a rapport with you.

The end goal is always to make the sale, but website marketing is more than selling. With these three easy items, you can quickly start to change your website to be a client attractive space.

Not sure where to start or how? Book a mini session with me to talk about tackling one of your A-B-Cs.

There you have it – short, simple and to the point. Remember you have 3-5 seconds to make a first impression. Use your time wisely and you will see that people will want to come along for your ride. Website marketing is exactly how you’re going to accomplish that!